Founded by ranchers as a cooperative in 1930, Texas Livestock Marketing Association and its affiliate National Finance Credit Corporation of Texas continue to serve the livestock industry. For over eighty years, our organizations have served Texas ranchers in marketing their livestock and by providing a reliable source of production financing for their credit needs.

Cooperative Owned & Managed
As a cooperative owned and managed by people who understand the livestock business, our attitude is one of service to our customers and to the livestock industry. Texas Livestock Marketing Association's board of directors are strategically located throughout Texas and the Southwest and are active in all aspects of livestock production. Up to seven of these member/directors serve on the executive committee which sets policy and reviews the operations and activities of the organization. Management and staff are traditionally experienced in livestock marketing and financial management and are dedicated to keeping abreast of the industry's needs and changes.

Service & Commitment to the Livestock Industry
Our service philosophy and commitment to the livestock industry holds true for our financing company as well. National Finance Credit Corporation of Texas has provided a dependable and competitive source of financing for livestock producers since 1930. Throughout its history, the company has maintained its stability through a strong financial base while possessing the flexibility to adjust to changing market and lending environments.

Commitment + Integrity + Reliability
The philosophy of our organizations is best summarized by the founding chairman of our companies, Mr. H.L. Kokernot, Sr. who is quoted at an organizational meeting as emphasizing "What we do here today is to be done to last a long time." This attitude is present today as we emphasize commitment, integrity, and reliability for the long term.
We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss our livestock marketing and financial services with you. Feel free to contact any of our directors or officers for more information.
Texas Livestock Marketing Association
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